1. I’m just a demon that means well, I’m sure it was appropriate for me to be incompasitaded, anger was at my core and a blistering furry that dwells within is locked away sealed shut till the end of my days so that my soul can return to what it once was . My past no longer haunts me . Im free of my other self .


    For stoners even the simplest task can become the biggest challenge.

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  3. His heart heavy , mind sober he feels it start all over , the overwhelming hate spreads to his heart and he’s crippled once again and consumed by his sin , when will this grief go , when will it stop , nothings any good , he is the king of sorrow .





    This show got really deep fast.

    this is like marxist theory of labor jesus CHRIST

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    Study: Habitual Marijuana Smoking Not Associated With Increased Risk Of Lung Cancer

    (NORML) Subjects who regularly inhale cannabis smoke possess no greater risk of contracting lung cancer than do those who consume it occasionally or not at all, according to data published online ahead of print in the International Journal of Cancer.

    An international team of investigators from Canada, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States analyzed data from six case-control studies involving over 5,000 subjects (2,159 cases and 2,985 controls) from around the world.

    Authors concluded, “Results from our pooled analyses provide little evidence for an increased risk of lung cancer among habitual or long-term cannabis smokers.”

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